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Taking HEART in Tough Times: DVD or CDs

Take HEART in Tough Times DVDIn this informal setting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Joanna Macy looks at creation and humanity and offers five guidelines to strengthen us in times of darkness.

She shows that we can know how to meet our needs without destroying our planet, and that we can take pride in knowing that we are able to be creative in healing our world. Joanna’s deep wisdom is blended with her warm presence to make this teaching inspiring and helpful.

Richard Rohr brings his Franciscan perspective to the discussion with his usual deep spiritual wisdom. In this talk he begins to share the perspective of “Church as Permaculture,” a refreshing way to look at how we see religion, community, and living our lives on the planet Earth.

Event attendees offered challenging questions, which brought forth thoughtful responses from Joanna and Richard.

Examples of the questions are:

  • How do you help people to pay attention?
  • What can I do today to change? Give us suggestions on what to do to today, on a practical level?
  • How do we speak to young people about this, and what advice do you have for parents?
  • What is the role of technology in all of this?

This presentation is one that should not only be viewed (or listened to) but also shared with family, friends, neighbors, and communities.

Approximate Length: 2-1/2 hours

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