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VIOLA's 2007 visit to Chernobyl (photo gallery)

Concerned about contradictory governmental reports on radiation levels at Chernobyl, a team from Viola went to conduct measurements themselves. Access is permitted by buying tickets from the Ukrainian tourist agency which organizes trips to the disaster site. Igor Prokofief, Executive Director of Viola, and a group of young Viola volunteers visited the fated nuclear station and the adjoining, now deserted city of Pripyat. With their own radiation monitors, they sought to assess changing patterns of contamination and new threats of its spreading through rain and wind to their home territory in nearby Bryansk.

They also harvested the pctures below. They write: "These photos show the future that will be ours if humanity continues its games with atomic energy. In the empty houses and schools, the abandoned toys, the silhouettes on walls painted by visitors, we see the horror of their consequences. We see vegetation absorbing the city of Pripyat, soon to look like the ruins of an ancient people lost to history. We hope these photos do not show the future of our planet."

This is the entrance to the Chernobyl area and the 13-kilometer zone around the nuclear station with the highest level of radiation.

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