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Nuclear Guardianship is a citizen commitment to present and future generations to keep radioactive materials out of the biosphere. Recognizing the extreme damage these materials inflict on all life-forms and their genetic codes, Nuclear Guardianship requires:

  • interim containment of radioactive materials in accessible, monitored storage, so that leaks can be repaired, and future technologies for reducing and containing their radioactivity can be applied;
  • stringent limits on transport of radioactive materials, to avoid contaminating new sites, and to minimize spills and accidents;
  • cessation of the production of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy;
  • transmission to future generations of the knowledge necessary for their self-protection and ongoing guardianship through time.

Nov. 17, 2015 - America's Nuclear Legacy- More than 6,000 Nuclear Dumps...and Counting (Fairewinds)

The Nuclear Guardianship Project is a citizens' educational effort aimed at developing the political, technical and moral understandings required for the responsible care of radioactive materials.


Click on the Rocky Flats banner for a listing of their Presentation Series. "We seek to implement Nuclear Guardianship at the plutonium-contaminated site of the former Rocky Flats nuclear bomb plant. This innovative effort will simultaneously provide a model for long-term ecological caretaking of radioactively contaminated sites elsewhere while challenging the government plan to turn Rocky Flats into a wildlife refuge open for public recreation. The project provides a case study in shifting from the polluting risk-based culture we have inherited to a culture of ecological responsibility that is more democratic and healthier."