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Intensives in the Work That Reconnects

Joanna offers deepening experiences for those who have attended an introduction to the Work That Reconnects in a weekend workshop or a course (see Joanna's public teaching schedule). These 10 or more day "intensives" offer theory and practice in despair and empowerment, deep ecology, and deep time work. Intensives at other locations are often sponsored by local organizations and groups (see calendar).

Each intensive is distinctive in character and in the discoveries we make, while adhering to the following goals:

  • To enlarge our vision and capacity for the part we each can play in the shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.
  • To understand cognitively and to integrate psychologically and spiritually the guiding assumptions of the Work that Reconnects.
  • To build strong, lasting connections with sister and brother warriors for life on Earth, and to uncover the courage and creativity that mutual trust brings forth.
  • To review our lives and work, assessing our gifts, and clarifying the roles we want to play in the healing of our world. An intensive provides conceptual and process tools to apply in teaching, counseling, and organizing. It is not so much training in facilitating groups as an immersion in the new understandings it generates.

If you have experienced a workshop or a course with Joanna or you have been introduced to the Work That Reconnects by someone else, and you are interested in further information on an intensive, please workthatreconnects[at]