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Redwoods Meditation

Coming from Gratitude


An amazing gift: when I gave the dharma talk at the Common Ground Meditation Center last Friday night, I opened with the Redwoods meditation. During the reception, a young man came up and thanked me heartily for bringing the Redwood into our beings as I did. He had lived in solitude for a month in top of a Redwood and then spent 6 more months with other tree people in a forest. Nick and I are going to have tea together this week and talk about what kind of a piece we can put together and take into the community. Exciting! It was such an honor to present your teachings, Joanna, to about 110 people in a 2 hour sit and dharma talk. The center director told me it was one of the most moving dharma talks they've had. So, just another little story for you about how your work is moving through the world. Love, Kaia

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